Every so-called "Himalayan" salt originates in Pakistan

We see it as our responsibility to make unprocessed salt available to everybody in the EU by selling it at the lowest prices. 


ALL so-called "Himalayan" salts are mined at the same source - the Salt Range in Pakistan.

Salt production

Why we write "Himalayan" salt in quotation marks

The term "Himalayan" salt gives the impression that it is mined in the Himalayas. That is not entirely true, because every salt with that particular name originates from the Salt Range in Pakistan in the foothills of the Himalayas.


Therefore, "Himalayan" salt is simply an invented product name, not a mark of origin. We do not want our clients to get a false idea, which is why we put "Himalayan" in quotation marks on this page. All our products do have a certificate of origin, in the case of "Himalayan" salt, it is Pakistan.


The expression "Himalayan" salt has simply become quite popular a few years ago. In order for our costumers to recognise the product we are selling, we will use the same term, even if we consider it misleading.

The process of salt production

The pictures above as well as a description of the process involved in the production of our salt have been sent to us by our Pakistani supplier.

We have thus included his original email below [sic]. 


"1. first salt lumps are broken into chunks either by hammer crusher or manually.

 2. chunks are then washed and dried under the sun.
 3. duly washed and dried chunks are then put into mill and crushed.
 4. duly crushed salt then passed through different sieves to make different sizes.

This sizing plant is operated by an electric motor which gives it a vibration to pass the salt
through sieves. Very simple method doesn't involve any modern machinery."