Salt plates for barbecue

Our salt plates can be heated on hot plates or in the oven in order to use them for cooking and grilling on the table later on. The food is thus seasoned at the same time.  

This cooking technique is particularly suitable to prepare delicious fish and vegetables.  

Salt plates have exceptional thermal storing qualities.  


Being a mineral, salt has a very high melting temperature just above 800°C. In this way, you needn't be scared that your salt plates may not withstand the heat of a hotplate or an oven.


It is possible for salt plates to be slightly battered around the edges. This is due to production procedures and may not be entirely avoided. Salt is a natural product and quite delicate upon processing and all our salt plates are handmade. Please bear this in mind when ordering our salt plates and tiles.




Please contact us directly whenever your order exceeds 200 kilograms. In this case, we will gladly provide you with a retailer price list.

Salt plates

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