The Salt Adhesive is the only presently known natural, mineral-based and breathable binding agent designed for salt blocks.   1,4 kg (3.086 lbs) is sufficient for bonding one square meter salt wall.   1,4kg ... (Read More)
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Standing Stones
Our standing stones weigh between 20 and 70 kilos. We have three different categories of standing stones on offer:   "untreated" standing stones  "single cut" standing stones - with one smoothly cut side "do ... (Read More)
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Decorative Salt Crystals
Our natural salt crystals do not only have a positive impact on your indoor climate, they are also exceedingly pleasing to the eye. White salt crystals are fashionable decorative elements, easily integrated into any living area. Their si ... (Read More)
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Salt tiles
Salt tiles are a perfect construction material and can be used to create interior structures or decorative elements. Our salt tiles are available in different dimensions according to your needs.   ... (Read More)
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salt tesserae
Our "Himalayan" salt tesserae are extremely versatile. Whether used as a decorative element or an ornamental design, they perfectly blend harmoniously into every home. Even your children will take delight in them, because these little stones ... (Read More)
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