Discover the unique SALT VITALHEATER which combines modern infrared heating technology with the natural warm storage capacity from ''Himalayan'' salt.


The idea for this was born from the observation and further development of conventional salt lamps. Our vision was to combine its cosy light and pleasant warmth with infrared heating technology. Finally, we created handcrafted individual items from ''Himalayan'' salt bars which combine an appealing design, a cozy source of warmth, as well as an efficient way of heating in a unique and new way.




Our SALT VITALHEATER is produced in Austria with a high degree of purely handcrafted work and with the utmost care.


This allows us to best meet the requirements of the valuable natural material ''Himalayan'' salt and guarantee the lasting quality and sustainability of our products. Our company philosophy is based on the principle of only using the best and most natural materials from fair trade commerce.




Based on considerations of reliability we purposely do not incorporate high tech features such as controlling capabilities using WLAN (WiFi), smartphone or apps; Rotary and toggle switches which have proven themselves over the decades supports our goal to offer you a durable and reliable product.



  • Simple to install: One power outlet is sufficient

  • Convenient operation: Dimming and LED illumination

  • Immediate radiant heat: Enjoy direct warmth

  • Lasting warmth effect: long-lasting heat dissipation through the salt bricks

  • Low operating costs: Cost-effective combination of infrared radiation and salt as a heat storage medium

  • Efficient energy supply: Provides warmth even at low wattage (from 300 W)






  • Positive effect of salt on the respiratory system: Sea climate at home

  • Higher humidity level: Existing moisture is withdrawn from walls and at the same time avoids formation of mould

  • Fewer dust particles and allergens: Reduced air circulation through infrared heating *

  • Health promoting effect: As a result of the therapeutic effect of infrared light



* in comparison with the convection heat of conventional heating systems


unique design


  • Modern auxiliary heaters – easy to install almost anywhere

  • Handcrafted individual pieces for exclusive interior design

  • Practical use and elegant shape

  • Unique lighting effects as a result of the interplaying of colors by the ''Himalayan'' salt bar

  • Cozy atmosphere combined with pleasant comfort

  • Exclusive design and custom-made; tailored to your wishes – A variety of models can be integrated into any room


Sollten wir Ihr Interesse an unserem neuesten Produkt geweckt haben oder hätten Sie gerne weitere Informationen zu unseren Modellen, Maßanfertigungen oder Preisen, so zögern Sie nicht uns zu schreiben.

European Patent Pending (EP 14186151)