Himalayan Salt Classic

Himalayan Salt Classic

 High-quality Himalayan crystal salt:


  • unprocessed

  • iodine-free

  • without anticaking agents

  • contains natural minerals


Please select your preferred grain size and quantity.

Since this is a natural product, every ordered package is virtually unique and slight differences in colour may occur naturally. Beware: if you select extra fine grain sizes, you must expect the colour of the salt to be almost white. In normal grain sizes as well as in grain sizes suitable for salt mills, shades from red to orange are possible and white becomes very rare.

By buying our products, you support a fair salt trade insofar as also the producers benefit from your purchase.


Our salt arrives wrapped twice: firstly into 25 kg cloth sacks and secondly into plastic bags to ensure proper transportation.


Brand: Salz&Salz

Himalayan Salt, classic

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